"My name is Cindy, and I am a Christian woman who also happens to be a working wife and homeschooling mama. My yearning is to be a SAHM, but my husband's desire (and, in honesty, in his better judgement) is that I keep my job, as my earning potential happens to be higher than his, and if we want to continue to eat and live indoors, to work we both must go."

So began my "About" page for this blog, until this update on September 28, 2012, when I find that I need to begin here anew.

I am still a Christian woman in the workforce, and I am still a homeschooling mama, but I have recently divorced, ending an abusive relationship that spanned decades. Accordingly, the scope of my blog is in a bit of flux as I begin to find myself again.

My job still has an approximately 2.0-2.5 hour commute attached to it (yes, that's every day), and I find that I spend a lot of my time away from my family longing to be home and in anticipation of the time when I can start heading for home. When my children were younger, I always looked forward to days when I could get off early, so I could call them saying, "I'm on my way home, I can tuck you in tonight!" They're too big to want to be "tucked in" anymore, but spending time with them is just as important to me now as it was then.

In this blog, I hope to encourage other ladies who find themselves yearning for a stay-at-home lifestyle who, for whatever reason, find themselves called away. While we can't do it all, with a little perseverance, and a lot of prayer, it is possible to take care of your family, raise Godly children, homeschool, prepare nourishing meals at home, keep the house clean, the laundry done, reap a harvest from a garden and preserve the bounty, the list goes on...maybe not all at the same time or on the same day, but it can be done - even most of the time. 

I live inside the city limits and have about 3/4 acre for our little homestead in suburbia. I have desired to move to the country where we could have 10+ acres for some time, and if it is His will, the good Lord will fulfill that dream in His time. One day, sitting at a red light, listening to the local news on the radio, I prayed again that somehow I could remove my children from the evil that seems to be so prevalent all around us these days. I prayed, "If we could just move to this place, or to that place, then things would be better." But in one of those "still, small voice" moments, I realized that the place I am longing for doesn't exist - at least not on this earth. I realized that I am just longing for home - my heavenly home, in my Father's house. The Bible tells us that if we belong to Christ, this world is not our home, and we are to be in the world, but not of it. I'm on my way there, and I can't wait to see it.

If you haven't met Jesus and asked Him into your heart, now is the time, for time is short. If you do know Him but haven't been living for Him and giving Him your all, now is the time to dedicate yourself to Him. When He comes back, will He be able to tell you, "Well done, My good and faithful servant," or will He say to you "Away from Me; I never knew you!"? If you are unsure about where you stand with Him, I would like to chat with you about making sure that 'you know that you know.'

I don't know where I'll go with this from here. I would like to share about my faith, my family, our homeschool, my little garden, my dogs, the crafts I enjoy, and the little bits of Titus 2 wisdom I have to pass along. I also hope to connect with some of you who, like me, are working full time outside the home while still pursuing stay-at-home ideals and activities.  And as my life situation has changed, I find that I want to pursue the the topics of God's Grace, his forgiveness, and his care for our deepest needs when we don't even dare utter them aloud.  I may try to tackle some demons along the way as well; they just don't seem to intimidate me as much anymore.

I hope you will walk down this path with me - maybe we can cut a new trail.

There is joy on this journey - as I am On My Way Home to My Father's House,
Cindy <><
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