Thursday, November 28, 2013

Life Lessons I Have Learned From Riding a Motorcycle

1. When you decide where you want to go, point your eyes that way and keep them there. Don't hesitate, and don't look back.
2. Stay out of other people's blind spots.
3 .Live in the moment, but be prepared for what lies in the road ahead of you.
4. Pay attention to the little things.
5. Always have an escape plan, and know when to use it. Don't allow the stupid decisions or irresponsible actions of other people take you out.
6. Eventually, you're gonna drop it. Pick yourself up, dust off, get back on and keep riding.
7. Beware of the posers and pretenders. They THINK they know it all, and their arrogance can involve you in their crashes. Pass these people so they won't hinder you from reaching your destination.
8. Pray daily, especially for a hedge of protection around you and those you love, and oray for your guardian angel to ride along with you.
9. Enjoy and marvel in God's creation with all of your senses.
10. Don't judge others by the way they look, what other people say about them, or even a very first impression. Take time to get to know the person inside. You never know what good friendships you might miss out on because of someone else's gossip.
11. Most importantly, be on a first name basis with Jesus. After all, you just might meet Him today.

There is joy on this journey, on my way home to my Father's house....

Cindy <><
copyright Cindy Dillard

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