Tuesday, December 14, 2010

What a week...

...it's been! We have completed almost all of our projects on the house (except a couple that the cold weather is preventing), and Katie and I have just become Scentsy consultants! (So, if you are interested in adding some wonderful flameless candles to your home, please let me know!)

Most importantly, please accept my apologies for my delay in posting the Daily Bible Reading schedule for this week. We took Sunday as a literal day of rest, and I had intended to post this week's edition early yesterday morning. However, due to a front moving through over the past two days here, high winds brought down a dead tree in my neighbor's yard which took down power lines and crushed an out-building of ours at 2:30 yesterday morning. In addition, the force ripped our electric service off our house.

With our high at 32 degrees yesterday and high winds throughout the day (that's very cold in our neck of the woods) and no power (therefore, no heat), we had a very long day. Thankfully we have a small kerosene heater which was enough to keep one room fairly comfortable and keep the rest of the house from falling below 56 degrees. We had the electric service repaired and inspected and at about 8 PM last night the power company was able to reset our meter and get us back on the grid. By then, I didn't even want to turn the computer back on - we were all excited just to be able to have the heat going again!

Kenny left for work a little bit ago, and I am going to try to catch a few more winks before the tree service gets here to start cleaning the massive tree off what used to be our 10'x20' storage building. I will get the reading plan posted just as soon as I can.

There is joy on this journey, on my way home to my Father's house,
Cindy <><

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