Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Catching Up...

I hope y'all had a blessed Thanksgiving! I missed having time to be here last week. I have to tell you what I've been up to. It's been a very busy couple of weeks!

About 7 weeks ago I came across a house for sale near my parent's home. It's really a bit of a dream house for my husband and me as it has everything we have been praying for: roomy, acreage, a well on the property, a greenhouse, space for a garden...

Anyway, in order for us to be at a point where we feel comfortable making an offer, we have to get our house ready to put on the market. We don't want to tie the gentleman selling the house up with a contingency offer in this economy until we have some progress in selling ours. I know, I know...this is not a good time to try to sell a house...but if it is in the Lord's will for this to happen, He'll work out that detail. He hasn't said "No" yet, and if He does, then a lot of work we needed to get done on the house anyway will be taken care of. As I see it, it's a win-win situation.

So, after prayer and consideration, we have been working for the last 6 weeks toward getting our house ready to list. I have been working very hard! Because of the holiday, I had some extra time to spend on the house, and I was able to get a lot done.

In the last two weeks, I have finished stripping wallpaper in our front bath, priming, and hanging new wallpaper; I trimmed our other bath with cove and foot moulding (including miter cuts), I painted some existing moulding along the ceiling (would you still call it crown moulding? It's not very tall - nor huge or elaborate) and the trim work around the window; I sanded and re-installed ceramic baseboards in the same bath and sealed them; I assembled and "installed" an over-the-toilet-three-shelf storage unit; I installed a towel rod and ring and toilet paper holder in the same bath; I replaced 8 blinds in three rooms (that was easy though - I didn't have to hang new hardware); I washed curtains from throughout the house and rehung them and replaced the curtains in two rooms; I sealed around the counter top and back splash in our front bath and prepped for a plumber to come (we had issues with the flange on the toilet when my husband moved it for me so I could paper behind it). Plus, I sang a solo at our church's Thanksgiving service and attended two family Thanksgiving dinners in addition to helping my husband move our camper to his "winter hunting grounds" and taking Katie and a friend out very early Friday morning for some shopping for a couple of hours. (No, I didn't sleep much this past week. I was too worried about everything that had to be done, then by Sunday I was absolutely exhausted - but the back bath was finished!)

My parents came over for a couple of days and helped Cody to clean out our garden (we were still getting tomatoes and bell peppers) and to generally clean up the yard. They blew and mulched leaves and sowed winter rye grass, which is coming up nicely.

Now, the rest of the house is in chaos, as I haven't had the time or energy to dedicate to it, and I keep messing up the floors anyway dragging in and out with cutting all this trim work (we still have a LOT of leaves falling - raking or blowing or mulching are unfortunately exercises in futility - but at least my parents were able to do enough to get the grass to come up!). I just have a little more trim work to install into the front bathroom, in addition to sealing the ceramic baseboards and around the tub. We have been slowly moving things into storage all this time, and that's almost done too. I just have to finish going through the bedroom closets for things we can store or donate. Tomorrow we get to start a major cleaning overhaul to finally make the house show-ready.

I'm actually dreading putting up a Christmas tree - I kinda hate to drag all that stuff back out after just putting it into storage. But other than that, we're almost finished! Kenny should finish installing siding by the end of the week, and Katie will help with the cleaning while Cody helps manage the yard. With the kids and hubby's help, we should be able to list by the beginning of next week.

So, please pray with me that the Lord's will be done in all of this - if it is His will for us to move, that we will have a buyer quickly, or if it is not His will, that he will reveal it clearly to us. I am already experiencing His peace (although I am definitely having isolated moments of extreme doubt and fatigue, combined with a general undercurrent of feeling overwhelmed) but please pray for more peace for me, and for me to keep it all in the proper perspective, especially with the holidays approaching.

Anyway, I may be a little off-kilter until I get all this finished, but with God's help I'll be back on track within the next week or so.

There is joy on this journey, on my way home to my Father's house,
Cindy <><


  1. Cindy,

    I haven't read your post yet. I have spent far TOO much time on the computer today - attempting to "make the rounds" to say "Hello" to all my blogging lady friends. :)

    I just wanted to "pop-in" real quick and say "Hello," to you, and hope that you had a nice Thanksgiving holiday away from the work place for awhile. I also just didn't want you to think that I had forgotten about you. :)

    Take care, and when I have some more spare time, I will read your first December post. :)


    -Lady Rose

  2. Lady Rose,

    You are so sweet! You brighten my day each time you stop by. I'm like you...I haven't caught up with everyone after the holiday yet. Hopefully I'll remedy that by the weekend. Hope your day is blessed,

    Cindy <><

  3. Wow!! You have every right to be a little exhausted! That is a huge job!
    I pray it all goes well for you, Cindy. What a blessing it would be if the Lord says yes!
    I can understand how much you'd love to be near your parents. To have that much land, as well, would be wonderful! It sounds like a really great property to me.
    Take care, dear lady :-)
    many blessings..Trish

  4. Thank you, Trish - I am praying and still working. I should finish my front bathroom tomorrow, and my darling daughter is helping me to clean up all the mess I've made!

    Have a blessed day!
    Cindy <><


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