Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Endings…and Beginnings

In the late spring of 2007 I was introduced to the New Harvest Homestead newsletter as one of the free promo materials I received with my subscription to The Old Schoolhouse Magazine. My subscription to the magazine expired without renewal a year later, but I went on to purchase each and every back issue of the NHH newsletter as well as to continue my subscription faithfully: until now.

In late October of last year, the publisher of the NHH newsletter, Lisa Vitello, announced that she would be ending publication with the November/December 2010 issue. In a few short weeks the last issue of this newsletter will appear in my inbox…and I am left feeling like I am losing a friend.

Before I found this newsletter, I didn’t know that there were women out there who shared my values and opinions about homeschooling, wanting to be home, wanting to provide food for my family from a garden and homemade from my kitchen…certainly none of my suburban, mostly van-or-SUV-driving, epitome-of-the-southern-version-of-a-soccer-mom friends. I felt like I fit in with the ladies at the church we attended then like a dandelion fits in a bouquet of roses.

In the newsletter I learned what books and websites were good for the beginning gardener. I learned for the first time about making homemade bread. I was inspired to start line-drying nearly all of my laundry. I was blessed with many wonderful ideas for handmade, homemade Christmas presents. I learned that I really would like to have my own little flock of chickens! I learned the enough of the basics of canning to feel confident that I wouldn’t poison my family. J I became inspired to live the lifestyle that was in my heart even if no one else I knew understood – because now I knew that there were ladies out there like me, and that I really wasn’t alone.

The legacy of the newsletter will live on, however, in every heart of every woman who has been touched by Lisa’s candid and inspiring articles. The Lord has used her in a mighty way in my life – so many times her articles spoke truth to me that I desperately needed to hear. In addition, through her “Titus 2” mentoring advice and encouragement, many more ladies have been touched by those who have followed God’s directive to us in Titus 2: 3-5.

We are members of a different church now – a wonderful, vibrant, Spirit-filled church, where for the first time I have been able to join a ladies’ Sunday School class. At our Christmas party this year, about the time the last issue of the NHH is published, we will be discussing how we can implement a Titus 2 group for our young ladies (late teens and college-aged) and young wives and mothers.  The influence of the newsletter will continue to reach further, even after it’s gone.

The newsletter was my inspiration for starting this blog, as I hoped that maybe I could be an influence on ladies like me who do have to work outside the home. So many ladies out there are blessed to be at home, and for those of us who are not, I want to be a voice that says, “You are not alone – you can work and still have a stay-at-home heart!” Now, through the beauty of the blog world, I have met so many more of you wonderful ladies out there! It is wonderful to have a place where you can share your heart with people who understand your spirit, even if you never meet face to face this side of heaven. How wonderful it will be when we can all get together at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb!

So, it’s time to say a sorrowful “adieu” to the New Harvest Homestead newsletter, and a sincere “THANK YOU” to Lisa for all her hard work and for baring her heart over the years. I know that the Lord has great things in store for her, and for us through her, and we will be watching the website with baited breath for updates.

There is joy on this journey, on my way home to my Father’s house,
Cindy <><

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