Saturday, October 30, 2010

Ahhh, Sweet Memories

While I was looking through my files for pictures of Ginger and Sue, I came across these wonderful photos of my children when they were small. I enjoyed seeing them so much, I thought I would share them with you also. This makes me wish I had taken them to the pumpkin patch this year. I wonder if I would still get these smiles and exhuberance?
It's so easy to forget how joyful fall can be!
I love this hat...she won't dream of wearing one now...
These days he prefers to carve the pumpkin...
We've never been much for celebrating Halloween, short of going to the festivals at our church, but the kids have always enjoyed dressing up...

Thanks for walking down memory lane with me!


  1. What sweet memories of when they were younger.
    Is that a big pumpkin 'moon bounce'? Looks like they had lots of fun!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  2. Dorie,
    Why, yes, that is a giant pumpkin moon bounce! Cody was thrilled that day to get to jump for a few minutes all by himself.

    How times have changed, though! Today he was quite pleased playing baseball - 4 games - and his team won the tournament! I still think he would have jumped in a moon bounce, however, if there had been one at the park...

    Cindy <><


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