Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Light at the End of the Tunnel

Since I was last able to post, my thyroid condition has continued to deteriorate. Fortunately, my doctor has informed me that today she will make an adjustment to my medication. Yeah! Perhaps things can start to improve soon. Too bad I had to gain over 25 lbs in less than six months...ain't that grand? (NOT!)

A lot has happened, and I'd like to share a couple of highlights. Katie had her annual ballet recital. She is a beautiful dancer.

Cody has started (and is about to finish) spring baseball, He is playing for two teams this year. He is an awesome athlete who plays in many different positions.

Finishing up putting in the garden has proven to be extremely difficult. I was late getting my green beans planted (actually, Cody helped me get them in the ground), and now I desperately need to get the poles in place. I was able to work on that some this morning, and Cody has promised to help me finish tomorrow afternoon. (Bribery always helps; he wants a new airsoft pistol - I need help in the garden -it's a mutually beneficial situation) My cukes are slowly getting started, as is my okra, but the okra is really not behind schedule because it has to be plenty warm at night before it's planted. 

I have been getting zucchini for a couple of weeks - they are dong fantastic this year. This is the first year I haven't had problems with powdery mildew. My crookneck squash, however, started out great but overnight a couple of days ago they all just died. I have no idea why. My bell peppers are doing quite well, and I should be able to harvest some nice ones within the next couple of weeks. I am praying that they continue to do well - I haven't had much luck with them the last two years.

(There are two medium peppers and a small one hiding in there - can you see them?)

My tomatoes are the pride and joy of my garden this year. They are absolutely loaded and I should start harvesting sometime next week. I need to get healthy quick because I am going to have some serious canning to do.

The strawberries are all but done, and I got my first peach of the year off the tree today. We will pick the rest within the next few days.

Life goes on, no matter how we feel, or how well we handle it. Despite it all, there is joy on this journey, on my way home to my Father's house,
Cindy <><

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