Monday, February 8, 2010

Please accept my apologies...

...for neglecting my blog for the past couple of weeks. After doing some research on HSLDA's Struggling Learner's site, I found some very valuable information regarding Cody's learning style. I have been doing some reading and implementing, and I must say the improvement is nothing short of amazing. Being able to adjust to each child's learning style is just one of the benefits of homeschooling, and I am thankful that the LORD has led us to the solution to his difficulties.

In addition, we have been battling sickness in the household over the past two weeks. Not being at 100%, I fell behind in almost everything! However, with Katie's help this past weekend, the household is now running smoothly again.

Now, if we can just get Bandit and Gizmo to sleep all night again (they have slipped into a nasty habit of getting up, wanting to eat and to go out at 3:30 AM), maybe hubby and I can get a few nights of uninterrupted sleep. What a blesssing that would be! Here's hoping...

There is joy on this journey, on my way home to my Father's house,
Cindy <><

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