Sunday, November 1, 2009

Making Homemade Soap and New Friends; Celebrating Autumn Blessings

Last Friday, October 23, the kids and I, along with my mom (Maw-Maw), were blessed to attend a soap making class with Miss Olivia, who is a governess for a friend of the family.  I had the pleasure of meeting her for the first time at the class. She is a remarkable young woman, and she taught a delightful, hands-on class on cold process soap making, followed by a delicious lunch.  I now have over 30 bars of homemade soap curing, and I can't wait to get the supplies to make some on my own. 

I did not do a fantastic job cutting the bars, but they smell wonderful!  We used a "Clean Linen" scent that Katie picked out.  We have to wait five more weeks for the soap to cure before we can use it.  We also enjoyed meeting some new homeschooling friends at the class as well.

About three weeks ago, I visited my cousins at the Farmer's Market, and they very generously blessed me with some pumpkins, SIX to be exact (!!!) and I was thrilled.  Two pie pumpkins went to make goodies - one to my mother to make pumpkin pie for Cody and one to my mother-in-law to make pumpkin bread for Katie.  Two pumpkins are just for looks; they are the "warty" ones in the picture.  My cousin Bob told me that this particular variety is called "Knuckle-Heads"-I think you can guess why!  My other cousin Bud gave me the huge, lovely mum.  I think a light frost got a few of the blossoms, but it is covered with new buds and will be blooming all over in a couple of days.

The big pumpkins were for carving, but they were so pretty in front of the house that none of us could bear to cut them up!  However, in a day or so we may cut one and roast some pumpkin seeds. If the flesh is not too stringy we may even put up some pumpkin for holiday pies.

There are blessings all around, and there is joy on this journey, On My Way Home to My Father's House,
-Cindy <><

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