Friday, October 30, 2009

Getting It All Done

One of the most common questions people ask me when they find out that we homeschool and that I work outside the home full-time is, "How do you get everything done?" The answer: I usually don't (lol)! However, I have found a lot of ways to make my work easier so that most of the time, I have everything fairly well put together. As a result, I do have some advice and tips to share that have been a benefit to me, and that I hope may help you also. I am going to post these as numbered tips. I am finding that I have to write as I have the opportunity, which means that I type things into notes throughout the day so that when I get the chance I can copy into a post. That's why I may reference a certain time of day that doesn't correspond with the time of the post ;).

There's joy on this journey, as I'm On My Way Home to My Father's House,
Cindy <><

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